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THE HISTORY OF BREAD begins about 11,000 years ago. At that time people began to cultivate einkorn and emmer, the ancestors of today’s wheat.

ON THE HOT STONE For a long time, bread, barely worth its name, was eaten as a flat loaf. The ingredients: ground grain, water and a hot stone.

Bake Like an Egyptian It was the ancient Egyptians who first came up with real bread. They experimented with new types of ovens and by chance discovered sourdough.

Prôt The natural yeasts and lactic acid bacteria in the sourdough caused the dough to ferment. This makes the bread fluffy. Hence the word “bread”, which is related to the German “Brot”, which in turn comes from the Old High German “prôt” meaning “fermented”.

brEAD AND WINE Later, bakers from Athens in particular were famous for their baking skills. They put honey and wine in their bread. It was considered a symbol of the gods.

NorTHWARDS North of the Alps, people switched to rye flour. There were now so many types of bread, it’s hard to keep up: somewhere between hundreds and thousands of types.