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Never before have people talked as much about food as they do today. What’s going on with our food culture? David Kugler: There are a number of opposing trends. People eat more industrially produced foods, ready-made pizzas, take-aways, fast food. At the same time, a trend towards healthy eating has gained traction. Cooking at home is in decline. And so is the typical Greek or Italian restaurant of yore.

To what extent do these eating habits affect our health?
Lukas Bossert: Very much. Many diseases are caused by industrially processed food. Too much sugar, too much fat and preservatives.
Kugler: You can feel it in your own body. I have just been to Italy for two weeks and I ate almost nothing but pasta there. For the first time in ages I ate lots of sugar, lots of wheat, lots of dairy products. It really wears you down. You experience the typical food coma in the afternoon and you get a sugar crash.

Which foods are the best?
Kugler: Broccoli. Bananas are great for micronutrients. Oranges, linseed and nuts in general. Unless you’re allergic to nuts. Basically everything that contains plenty of polyphenols, chlorophyll and fibre is good for you. Bossert: And you can’t go wrong with green vegetables and herbs. As far as I know, no one is allergic to spinach, kale or coriander.

In addition to your restaurant food, you now also supply food supplements. What do they contain?
Kugler: We have always seen ourselves as a brand for important nutrients. We have a micronutrient solution called “360°”, for example. It consists of basic plant ingredients that are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes: turmeric roots, algae, herbs, fruits. It’s not a waste product from the chemical industry like vitamin C used to be. They had lots of leftover ascorbic acid and thought, why not capitalise on it. We offer natural ingredients in high concentrations, not an isolated chemical substance.

What’s in the “Biotic 5 Billion” capsules?
Bossert: They contain microorganism strains, five billion microorganisms per capsule. We eat too few bacteria today, our lives are too hygienic and we disinfect everything. We eat baby carrots that grow on steel wool rather than underground where they would come into contact with good bacteria. But that’s what the gut needs to make a strong immune system and for enzymes and the digestive system to function well. Otherwise the body might not even absorb the nutrients.

Has nutrition become something of a substitute religion today?
Bossert: Absolutely. I followed a raw vegan diet for a while, which was a bit cult-like. There came a point when that’s all I thought about. Did I just eat a banana or a watermelon? It became too much for me.
Kugler: In our restaurant you can eat meat and dairy as well as vegan. It’s about quality. We don’t believe that there is a particular food movement that is the right one.